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Boys hurt too

i am absolutely terrified and horrified by this

that’s because with boys a chemical is released in their brain when they make the decision and boys are more likely to hang or shoot themselves, so it always gets done first try. Meanwhile, girls tend to cut and mostly take pills, a method easier to mess up and easier to be saved, thus more attempts and less effect.

Yeah, but boys hurt too

Also boys are a lot less likely to chicken out
Statistics say that more males go through with suicide attempts than females

You know how radfems get mad when guys “hijack a post”


"released a chemical in the brain"


androgens mask ‘classic’ depression symptoms, which leads to signs known as “male pattern” depression

Male pattern depression can include signs seen infrequently in women:

  • Lower stress threshold
  • Aggressive behavior or difficulty controlling impulses
  • Irritability, restlessness, dissatisfaction
  • Anxiety, especially in the morning
  • Alcohol abuse or illegal drug use
  • Excessive exercise or work
  • Hyperactive behavior
  • Eating too little or too much
  • Antisocial behavior and/or pushing or testing social norms

This, by the by, is the cause of ‘the depression gap’. There actually aren’t more depressed women than men, it’s just that in men it presents as other disorders.

the other problem men and boys aren’t given the mental skills to impart their needs, let alone expect them to be met. It would help if people started giving a shit.

This makes me very sad. Especially since when a boy/man gets sad and/or depressed they are told to “man up” and “get over it”, which ends up in them bottling up and suppressing all of their emotions, which can have devastating effects.
- Mod Helga

I won’t stop reblogging this.


valentine’s day

        lentine’s day

                ntine’s day

                        e’s day



                                           ayyyyy vodka

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